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Automotive Branche

Bij de assemblage van auto’s en vrachtwagens, worden onderdelen vaak over lange afstanden vervoerd. De afstand en andere factoren zoals het type product, materiaalsoorten en de gevoeligheid bepalen samen de keuze voor de juiste verpakking. Morpak zorgt ervoor dat dit op een kostenefficiënte manier gebeurt en ondersteunt uw strakke productieschema’s. Zo vormen wij een waardevolle schakel in uw supply chain.

Packaging Solutions for Automotive

The global automotive industry requires specific packaging solutions. A car consists of thousands, sometimes fragile parts. From the engine and other mechanical components to electronic components and parts of the interior and exterior. All these different components require different types of packaging materials, which protect parts from corrosion, temperature fluctuations, shocks and vibrations, among other things. Without the right packaging solution, there is a risk of damage and unnecessarily high transport costs.

Security and technologically advanced

At Morpak, your unique packaging issue is our challenge. Versatile and flexible, we offer tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry, whatever the stage of the manufacturing process you are involved in. No matter what components you produce: our mission is to safely package your goods and monitor the cost balance. And as developments follow at lightning speed, specialism and progressiveness are needed more than ever before. Laat daarom onze verpakkingsspecialisten de meest optimale oplossing voor zowel het exterieur als interieur van uw verpakking bedenken.

An eye for the total cost

Packaging costs are a relatively small proportion of the total cost. However, the chosen packaging method and the size and weight of the package have a major influence on the total cost of transport and storage. That is why we not only look at the packaging costs, but at the total cost. This way we help you reduce the total costs of your supply chain.

Frequently Used Solutions

  • Return and rotation packaging
  • Spare Parts Packaging
  • Cardboard Warehouse Boxes
  • Heavy duty pallet Boxes
  • Foam Materials/Foils



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