Every packaging issue in the energy sector is unique. The diversity of technically advanced and costly capital goods combined with the direct availability of parts always requires specialist knowledge.

Packaging solutions for the energy sector

The energy sector is operating non-stop to meet our daily energy demand. Partly due to the innovative nature of new energy, transformation is also taking place in the marked. The international nature including regulations of your logistics processes are two challenges that you face in the energy sector. In addition, it is important to have the right parts immediately available for overhauls, maintenance stops or any defects. Morpak develops packaging with which the quality condition can be maintained during long-term storage. In addition to packaging solutions, we provide the sector with logistical services, including exceptional pre-transport with the right transport modality to get your goods to the right place worldwide.


Morpak has been providing high-quality packaging solutions for the energy sector for almost 40 years. A track record that you can only achieve by continuously moving with the changes and developments around us. We closely follow the technology to continuously provide you with the best packing solutions.

One of our solutions is sustainable packaging that makes it possible to store fragile spare parts for a long time. These technically advanced and costly components must be optimally protected against influences from the external environment and must often be transported over large distances. That is why we develop our customized packaging for you and together we look at the entire process and the associated requirements that result from this for the packaging.

In addition, we can support you during our cooperation with our specialist knowledge of packaging and logistics. Supply Chains are designed to be as lean as possible with a view on costs. That is why our services have been specifically tailored to these work processes. Just-in-time deliveries prevent costs caused by delay and storage and is also possible to preform our packaging services either at your location or at our location where we are fully equipped to handle large volumes, partly due to our crane capacity.


  • Measuring on location with customized advice
  • Additional Specialistic project Management
  • Modality-specific export packaging
  • On-Site packaging services
  • Storage with heavy crane capacity


We would like to think along with you about the right solution for your project. Please feel free to contact our specialists through the button below.

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