The aviation industry faces complex challenges in the field of packaging and transport. Aircraft parts are not only large and expensive, but often also vulnerable. Damage entails additional costs and even safety risks. Morpak helps the aviation industry to reduce these risks.

Packaging solutions in the aviation industry

Morpak understands that efficiency in the supply chain is of crucial importance to the aviation industry. Aircraft parts such as landing gear, engines, wings and other components must arrive at the destination on time and in perfect condition. If not, this will soon be accompanied by considerable costs and possibly even security risks. Through our certifications and our extensive partner network, Morpak can meet the very specific requirements of the aviation industry with its packaging solutions.


The aviation industry is on the move. Flexibility and speed are therefore essential in your organization. Thanks to its experience with both commercial deployment, cargo and defense, Morpak can work with you on the logistic process where aircraft parts set high requirements on the packaging in terms of reliability and safety. In addition, the size and dimensions of the components provide the aviation industry with considerable challenges in terms of packaging and transport, whereby we do not lose sight of the costs in our pursuit of quality.


We design and manufacture the packaging that gives your valuable cargo the desired level of protection, naturally tailored to the chosen storage and/or transport method and taking your budget into account.


We would like to think along with you about the right solution for your project. Please feel free to contact our specialists through the button below.

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